FAQs for Kids Paradise Preschool

Q. How Do I obtain an application form?
Ans. - An application form is available at "Kids Paradise" office on working weekdays during office hours or you can fill up the "Enroll Form" available in our Admission Section.

Q. What supplies do I need to send to school?
1) Send the Child in a clean and neat dress.
2) The bags or baskets should be labeled with child's name.
3) One extra pair of dress should be kept in the bag (snack time only 20 minutes).
4) Nails should be trimmed at regular intervals.
5) Strictly, no gold ornaments/ valuable things inside the school campus.
6) It is necessary to show the Parents Pass, if a strange person is going to pick-up the child.
7) School working hours are from 9.00am to 1.00pm.
8) Children should be in school before 9.00am.

Q. May I come for an observation?
Ans. - Yes. In fact, we welcome parents once in a month to observe their child in school.

Q. What about children's safety?
Ans. - We have developed comprehensive policy for children's safety. During working hours, the school doors are locked and guarded. Besides, no stranger is allowed around classrooms.